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What do people think about vaccinations?

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought to the table a global conversation about the necessity, safety, and efficacy of vaccines. When it comes to vaccination, there are only one of three camps that people fall into: pro-vaccine, anti-vaccine, and undecided.  In this article, we will be looking specifically at the US before and the attitudes American’s…Continue reading »

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The Most Common Childhood Diseases: Pneumonia

Among the most common childhood illnesses are the common cold, influenza, and RSV which are all treatable and generally easy to manage. However, there is one childhood illness that is both common and dangerous, pneumonia. While pneumonia can be reliably treated here in the US, when left untreated in children and the elderly it can…Continue reading »

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Respiratory Diseases For Babies: RSV

When discussing respiratory diseases in infants and young children, there is a wide range of respiratory-related illnesses that parents need to know about to keep their child healthy. From the less concerning common cold to the very dangerous respiratory distress syndrome, it can be difficult to assess what illness your child is experiencing. Breathe easy,…Continue reading »

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Healthy Foods For Your Child’s Immunity

When it comes to preventing illness in our children, we parents often think about the medications our children need or the vaccines that are distributed. Truth be told, so much of what determines good or bad health comes down to the foods kids eat. Our immune system is developed around the kinds of eating habits…Continue reading »

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How Do Vaccines Work?

There has been an increased interest in vaccines since the Covid-19 pandemic started. Certainly, there have been small interest groups that have invested interest in vaccines, but it seems as though now the whole world has become interested in how vaccines work. Parents, in particular, want to know how vaccines work as the development of…Continue reading »

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Children’s Heart Issues: Congenital Heart Defects

When it comes to health and well-being, heart health is at the top of the list of things parents prioritize when caring for their child. So when there is concern that something is wrong, it’s important for parents to remain calm and do their research on what they need to know about heart complications in…Continue reading »

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What If My Baby Feels Sick?

When parents are caring for their sick baby, there are many questions they will likely have: how sick is my child? How can I help treat my child? Should I take my child to see the doctor? All of these are important questions, and we have done the work of answering them for you.  Signs…Continue reading »

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Normal Respiratory Rates in Children

With the Covid-19 pandemic raging across the world, interest in respiratory diseases has skyrocketed — and understandably so. Parents everywhere are becoming increasingly interested in how their child’s respiratory system works and what warning signs to look for to keep serious illness at bay. We will look at everything parents need to know, from how…Continue reading »

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Sleep and baby’s health

What Is Normal Baby Sleep? Assessing what is “normal” sleep can be really difficult for parents to determine. There are so many factors involved with what is considered normal. However, the Sleep Foundation lays out  some general guidelines that parents can find helpful (Suni 2020): Newborns: From 0-3 months newborns sleep in 3-4 hour chunks…Continue reading »

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It’s not a fever, it’s too low!

For parents who live in cold-weather regions, the risk of hypothermia is real. Environmental factors can make you and your child’s risk for hypothermia increase significantly. The best way to combat the risk of hypothermia is to get informed about what hypothermia is, how to treat it, and how you can prevent hypothermia from happening…Continue reading »


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