Welcome to a concerned parent blog.

Welcome to a concerned parent blog.

Are you a brand-new parent that is just excited and anxious to embark on a parenthood journey? Or are you a seasoned parent who is looking to be even a better for you children by arming yourself with new knowledge and insights? Either way, you have discovered a new and exciting place to begin!

I remember the day I found out that there would be a little angel coming into my life. It was pure joy! Soon enough, that excitement became anxiety when I realized how little I knew about taking care of a tiny human being. I immediately dove into the well of knowledge, thought that with my medical background, I would have a better advantage to understand what lay ahead. Well, I could not be more wrong! It was a huge learning curve, and I found myself overwhelmed and frustrated. Eight months into pregnancy, I couldn’t even come up with a half decent list for my baby registry. Just the thought that my baby could be here any minute sent me straight to the panic zone. I didn’t know what I needed (for the record, I didn’t know a tiny baby could need so many things), if that product was practical or if it fit our lifestyle. I spent hours and hours reading every product reviews and numerous blogs. 

Then my baby arrived! Holding that bundle of joy in my arm. I realized how under prepared I felt. It didn’t matter how many childcare books that I read; I still didn’t know what to expect. I had so many questions and was constantly anxious about my child’s wellbeing. One concern was finding a baby monitor that provided more than just video and audio capabilities. I wish I know then about LoveyQ baby monitor.

LoveyQ was created by Oksana Nishtun – a concerned parent who has a little boy prone to have seizures. She reached out to people who were already developing devices for medical company in hope that they can come up with some smart device to help her relieve the anxiety of her son’s health. LoveyQ tracks baby’s temperature, heart rate and breath rate, sleep/wake up, detects cough, alerts when baby cries, position (back/belly), and even counts steps. What an amazing device to help parent at ease! No more walking up to the child crib just to make sure he/she is still breathing (or at least that what I did!)

I think that being a parent is the most difficult job in the world. I am sure it is easier nowadays than ever with easy access to information, and many advanced technologies to aid our success of being a parent. However, often we are overwhelmed with the vast amount of information (often contradicting!), bombarded with advertisements, and confused with questionable product reviews.

We are here to share our knowledge with you, to support you on a challenging journey of parenthood, and to ease your worries of your child’s wellbeing. Of course, you will still need to do your own research, and seek professional advice when it comes to your child’s health. I hope you will find this to be an informative read, and just like shopping, you will have fun picking up new information that sparks your interest and is applicable to your lifestyle and family needs. At the end of the day, please know that you are a great parent even when it can be challenging at times. You will always have our full support!

Anne Lonero

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