LoveyQ Pre-orders are open!

LoveyQ Pre-orders are open!

Pre-orders are now open for the most advanced, wearable baby monitor on the market — LoveyQ. What makes LoveyQ so unique is the ability to track a variety of vitals in your baby while they are sleeping.

What Makes LoveyQ The Best Of The Best?

The LoveyQ wearable baby monitor allows parents to monitor their child’s wellbeing in an effort to provide them with the full scope of health and wellness. LoveyQ is safe, easy to wear, and offers more features than other wearable monitors on the market. 

First, I needed to have something that would reliably warn me if Bogdan’s temperature began to rise.

Second, I needed an easy way
to accurately measure his vitals signs – even when we are asleep.

We knew there must be a better solution.

We felt I should be able to see the full picture of our son’s health, any time – whether he was asleep or active.”

 — Oksana Nishtun — Founder of LoveyQ

Competitors to the LoveQ struggle to find an effective way to make their monitor easy to wear while also tracking the important data parents need. Wearable sock monitors fall off, some diaper clip monitors are too big and awkward, and others claim to track vitals through just a webcam.

None of this compares to the high quality, wearable monitor we provide.

Our monitor is easy to wear with medical silicone tape and can be clipped to your baby’s diaper or work around their thigh on a band allowing versatile options for the baby. It is also smaller and less intrusive than other monitors without being so small that it could be a hazard to the baby.  It’s the perfect middle ground. 

How Does LoveyQ Work?

LoveyQ works by utilizing advanced sensor technology to track a variety of vitals. It also uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Wi-Fi to send the collected data to your smartphone. While it is advanced technology, it is technology most users are familiar with. Similar technology is used in other tracking devices like an AppleWatch or Fitbit. This means the sensors are top of the line, reliable, and have no negative side effects with prolonged use. 

LoveyQ will give parents are caretakers the most valuable information they need such as:

  • Heart Rate
  • Temperature
  • Breath Rate
  • Cough Detection
  • Sleep/Wake Tracking
  • Crying Alert
  • Position (back/belly)
  • Activity
  • Step Count

Simply put, there is no other device that will monitor all these vitals simultaneously. If you’re going to invest in a wearable baby monitor you should get one that includes everything you could ever need.

Other Features?

In addition to providing parents and caretakers with all the important vital signs for your baby, it also has some really useful tech features as well. 

  • Battery life up to 5 days
  • Water resistant
  • Medical silicone material
  • Alert System
  • Multiple phone mentoring (so mom and dad can be on the same page)
  • Saves stats on the cloud with an opt-out option

As far as tech features go, this device is going to give you everything you need on a device that is easy to navigate with user-friendly features.

Where To Pre-Order?

Pre-orders are live! But not for long! Our retail price is $299 — and $200 for pre-orders!

That is a 33% savings which won’t last forever.

Go to to place your pre-order now.

There are no charge for pre-order, but you have to guarantee your future purchase.  Get your own LoveyQ now, so you can be one of the first customers and maximize your savings.

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